E scanners

Advanced and affordable CAD / CAM solutions for your laboratory!


E - series of laboratory scanners - 3 models designed according to your needs and possibilities!

NEW OPPORTUNITY to purchase a scanner by selecting the option WITHOUT PAYING AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION!

Discover superior productivity with the new 3Shape E4 scanner - our fastest scanner to date! The E4 has twice the scanning speed compared to the 3Shape E3 scanner. It scans full arcs in eleven seconds! With an accuracy of 4 microns, it is also twice as accurate as the E3.

The E4's high precision allows fingerprint scanning, and like all 3Shape E4 scanners, the E4 includes automatic scan start and articulator holder support.

E1 - 2 × 5 MP cameras

- accuracy of 10/12 microns

- does not read color

- full arc scan - 2min

E2 - 2 × 5 MP cameras

- accuracy of 10/12 microns

- black and white texture reading

- full arc scan - 1.5 min

E3 - 2 × 5 MP cameras

- precision for implants of 7/10 microns

- color texture

- full arc scan - 1 min




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