The N4 is a compact wet milling machine without an outdoor unit for grinding or milling glass ceramic blocks, zirconium oxides and composites, as well as titanium abutments. Its highest precision and high-speed drive units - common features of all vhf machines - are combined with a closed liquid cooling system in an extremely compact housing.


  • Micrometer precision
  • 4 simultaneous working axes The pivot axis (axis A) has a rotation range from + 190 ° to -10 °.

Automatic transmission for 8 drills

  • Two four-drill changers will be ready in just a few strokes
  • Material processing will be fully automated and you can dedicate your time to other things until the milling machine finishes its work.

Strong and very precise spindle

  • With quadruple hybrid ceramic ball bearings and a rated power of 300 W, it is under continuous load.

Sophisticated protection mechanisms

  • Protection of the danger zone during the processing process with an automatic safety switch on the front cover.
  • Flexible rubber effectively protects mechanics, electronics and the spindle from moisture.

Particularly efficient cooling

  • Eight liquid nozzles, which are located on the spindle, cool evenly from the beginning to the end of all stages of machining.
  • Fully integrated liquid cooling system
  • Closed liquid cooling system - no external pump module required Easy filling and cleaning due to removable liquid tank drawer and particle filter for milling.

A wide range of indicators

  • For crowns, bridges (also completely anatomical), inlays, onlays, abutments, telescopic crowns, veneers
  • No prior knowledge required Very easy handling via DentalCAM CAM software with machining strategies specifically tailored for grinding - no prior knowledge of milling or milling is required.




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