Trios 4

TRIOS 4 is the most powerful 3Shape intraoral scanner to date and the world's first intraoral scanner with digital detection of possible superficial and interproximal caries, without the need for additional scanning. The TRIOS 4 comes with a new generation of attachments with instant warm-up technology so they are ready to scan in seconds, allowing the 30% longer battery life. TRIOS 4 includes the well-known 3Shape scanning technology with excellent accuracy, insane mode, realistic colors and color measurement, as well as AI scanning technology for simplified scanning. TRIOS 4 are available as wired and wireless configurations. The scanning speed is the same, but instant-heat technology allows the system to be ready to scan in seconds.

The new generation of extensions contains:

  • instant-heat technology that allows the system to be ready to scan in seconds
  • extended battery life by an additional 30%

Two types of TRIOS 4 smart extensions:

  • Smart attachments for 3D color scanning and surface caries detection (fluorescence scanning)
  • Smart IR (infrared) transillumination imaging for interproximal caries.

Both extensions are reusable and autoclavable.

Digital help for caries detection

How does fluorescent image processing technology work? TRIOS 4 built-in fluorescent technology identifies possible surface caries and covers the standard 3D TRIOS scan with additional color data, With the help of blue light scanners and optical filters, green areas of fluorescence indicate healthy tooth tissue, less green color may indicate demineralization and red fluorescence. This technology serves as a tool and aid that doctors can use in detecting and diagnosing caries. The final diagnosis is always made by a doctor.

How does IR (infrared) transillumination imaging technology work?

The new TRIOS 4 IR Transillumination smart type helps identify possible interproximal caries that cannot be detected visually without radiation. Infrared light by transillumination through the teeth reveals carious lesions. Healthy enamel is transparent and the dentin becomes dark because it absorbs infrared light. As carious lesions are porous and light is scattered on them, dark shadows indicate possible interproximal caries.

By scanning the patient at each regular visit (once or twice a year) with follow-up, dentists can compare different examinations. It is very easy to spot if a patient is suffering from bruxism, if there has been a rupture or any movement of the teeth, as well as to monitor areas with possible caries. The technology thus allows dentists to provide preventive treatment to their clients at an early stage, which was previously impossible.

Trios 4 comes in Pod, Move and Move + variants. 




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